David Klinowski





Chaudhry, S. and Klinowski, D. (2016). Enhancing Autonomy to Motivate Effort: An Experiment on the Delegation of Contract Choice. In S. J. Goerg, J. R. Hamman (ed.) Experiments in Organizational Economics, vol.19. Research in Experimental Economics, pp. 141-157. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Working Papers

Gender and the Willingness to Compete Against Own Past Performance. (2017).
Data and oTree program files

Reluctant Donors and their Reactions to Social Information. (2016).
Featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Exploring The Gender Differences in Selfishness and Egalitarianism in the Dictator Game. (2016).
Code on Jupyter Notebook.

The Completion Effect in Charitable Crowdfunding, with Nichole Argo and Tamar Krishnamurti. (2016).
Featured in John List's piece for The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Impaired Awareness in Huntington Disease: Medical Evidence in Relation to the Optimal Expectations Model, with Jane S. Paulsen. (2013).